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Our management team

Juraj Kostický
Zuzana Pěluchová
Property Manager
Marianna Kopčová
Junior Property Manager 
Lukáš Kirka
Project Manager
Daniela Gocníková
Office Manager
Ivana Cihová
Car Park Manager
Andrea Szabová
Senior Property Manager
Peter Petrinec
Facility Manager
Matej Sojka
IT Manager
Viera Humeníková
Head of Accounting Department
Miriam Janáčiová
Financial Manager
Robert Tóth
General Manager of Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel
Zuzana Timková
Director of Sales & Marketing of Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel 

History of the Carlton

The Hotel Carlton has a rich history behind it, just like the surroundings in which it is located.

For the residents of the city itself this is not merely a luxury hotel. It is a legend. It was here that Maria Theresa had a room arranged, or where Jules Verne scribbled notes on a new novel in the evenings. The Hotel Carlton tells its own tale, which doesn’t permit it to be buried in the dust of the past centuries and still today gives it a unique fairy tale atmosphere.

13th century - 1857

The history of the Carlton complex reaches back as far as the 13th century. In this period the tavern "U Labute" (At the Swan) stood on its site and later, from 1760, the travellers’ inn "U troch zelených stromov" (At the Three Green Trees) stood along its right-hand side. This offered guests not only accommodation but also stabling for their horses. It took its name from the broad green trees growing in its courtyard, and in this period it ranked among the most celebrated inns in the whole country. In 1838 Johann Löwy, the director of the first Hungarian Bratislava-Trnava railway line, bought the building and had it converted on the design of builder Ignác Feigler, Jr. Thus, from the original single-storey building the modern three-storey “U zeleného stromu” (At the Green Tree) hotel originated in 1844 to 1846, whose guests praised not only the comfortable rooms but also its advantageous location on the banks of the Danube.

1857 – 1912 „At the Green Tree“

In 1857 well-known wine trader Jakub Palugyay, who before then owned the hotel coffeehouse, took over the hotel. The Palugyay family operated the hotel under the name “U zeleného stromu” (At the Green Tree) until the owner’s death in 1912.

1860 – 1908  the „National“ hotel

From 1860 the hotel “U zeleného stromu” faced competition from the adjacent hotel “National”, which was located on Mostova ulica (Bridge Street) and offered its guests 27 rooms. The National was established by the Speneder family in 1860 and later converted on the design of architect Ignác Feigler. The hotel was changed into a varied, grandiose building with facades on Mostova ulica and on Hviezdoslavovo námestie. The well-known “Savoy” coffeehouse, located on the hotel’s ground floor, was a part of the building.

1908 -1913

In 1908 Henrich Prüger, former manager of the Savoy hotel in London, purchased the National hotel. In the years that followed he purchased the adjacent Gervay house and after the death of Karol Palugyay also the hotel “U zeleného stromu”. He then had all three buildings converted, whereby the imposing Savoy-Carlton hotel complex, opened in June 1913, originated. It got the name Carlton in honour of the former owners Karl Palugyay (Carl) and his wife Antónia (nicknamed Ton-ka). After initial experimental attempts, the first Elektro Bioskop cinema operated from 1905 in the hotel salon. For thirty hellers you could see up to a dozen short films in it. No wonder, then, that it became so popular. In 1913 the cinema was moved to a new building on Hviezdoslavovo námestie, where it still exists today under the name Mladosť as the oldest cinema in Slovakia.

Prominent guests

Thomas Alva Edison
Albert Einstein
Tomáš  Garrigue Masaryk
Alfred Nobel

Sándor Petőfi

Franklin Roosvelt

Ľudovít Štúr

Jules Verne