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History of Carlton

Like the environmentin which it is situated, Carlton Hotel has a rich history.

It is not only a luxury hotel for the inhabitants of the city. It is a legend.  It is here where Maria Theresa had her room
arranged and Jules Verne took notes for his new novel in the evenings. Carlton
Hotel tells its own story that did not allow the hotel to be forgotten over the
past centuries and still gives it a unique fairy tale atmosphere.


Famous guest: T.A. Edison

T.A. Edison

Famous guest: Jules Verne

Jules Verne

Famous guest: Ludovit Štúr

Ludovit Štúr

Famous guest: Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel

Famous guest: S. Petőfi

S. Petőfi

Famous guest: A. Einstein

A. Einstein

Famous guest: F. Roosevelt

F. Roosevelt

Famous guest: T.G. Masaryk

T.G. Masaryk
  • 13th Century – 1857

    13th Century – 1857

  • 1857 – 1912

    1857 – 1912

  • 1860 – 1908

    1860 – 1908

  • 1908 -1913

    1908 -1913

13th Century – 1857

13th Century – 1857

The history of the Carlton Complex dates back as far as the 13th Century, when the “At the Swan” Inn stood in its place. Later in 1760, the roadside Inn “At Three Green Trees” rose to its right, providing its guests both lodging and stables for horses. It was named after the patulous green trees growing in the courtyard and, in its time, belonged to the most famous inns of the whole region. Johann Löwy, the director of the first Hungarian railway between Bratislava and Trnava, bought the building in 1838 and had it rebuilt after the design of the builder Ignác Feigler Jr. From 1844 through 1846, the original single-storey structure turned into a modern three-storey hotel “At the Green Tree”, appreciated by its guest for its comfortable bedrooms as well as its advantageous position on the Danube riverbank.

1857 – 1912 “At the Green Tree”

1857 – 1912 “At the Green Tree”

In 1857, the hotel was taken over by a renowned wine merchant, Jakub Palugyay, who had already owned the hotel café. The Palugyay family managed the hotel under the name “At the Green Tree” until the owner’s death in 1912.

1860 – 1908 the “National” hotel

1860 – 1908 the “National” hotel

The hotel “At the Green Tree” had its competition in the hotel next-door "National" situated in Mostová Street which offered 27 rooms to its guests. The National was founded by the Speneder family in 1860 and later rebuilt after the architect Ignác Feigler’s project. The hotel turned into a pompous corner building with its facade facing Mostová Street and Hviezdoslav Square, and the famous “Savoy” café located on the ground floor.

1908 – 1913

1908 – 1913

In 1908, hotel National was purchased by Heinrich Prüger, former manager of the Savoy in London. In the following years, he added the adjacent Gervay House and, after the death of Karol Palugyay, the hotel “At the Green Tree” as well. He had all the three hotels rebuilt, which resulted in the imposing hotel complex Savoy-Carlton, which opened in June 1913. The name Carlton honoured its former owners Karol Palugyay (Carl) and his wife Antónia (Ton from the familiar Tonka). After the initial trial screenings, the hotel conference room hosted the first movie theatre called Elektrokino Bioskop, where you could see up to twelve short films for the price of today’s one eurocent. No wonder it gained great popularity. The movie theatre moved into a new building at the Hviezdoslav Square in 1913, where it has been residing ever since under the name “Mladosť”, thus being the oldest movie theatre in Slovakia.

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